US Diesel Remanufacturing offers short block, long block and complete remanufactured International engines for sale. Our reman International crate engines are remanufactured by our expert technicians from the bare block. We offer highway International engines and industrial International engines. We Supply remanufactured International engines for mining, light construction, heavy construction, and agricultural use and we offer a nationwide warranty that covers both parts and labor on International engines remanufactured by US Diesel Remanufacturing.

We offer worldwide shipping services.

We keep our inventory stocked full of all commonly needed International models so we are always prepared to meet our customer's needs. You can view some of our inventory below, however, please keep in mind that our inventory changes daily so please call or email us if you do not see what you are looking for. In addition if we do not currently stock the engine you are looking for we can custom build most any engine to your needed specifications.

Click on the appropriate application below. All engines are offered in a short block, long block and complete stage.

We offer worldwide shipping services

Listing ID Engine Make Model Application
US386 International D-179 Industrial
US387 International D-206 Industrial
US388 International D-239 Industrial
US389 International IDI 6.9L Industrial
US390 International IDI 7.3L Industrial
US391 International T444E Industrial
US392 International DT360 Industrial
US393 International DTA360 Industrial
US394 International DT408 Industrial
US395 International DT466 Industrial
US396 International DT466E Industrial


Listing ID Engine Make Model Application
US397 International IDI 6.9L Highway
US398 International IDI 7.3L Highway
US399 International T444E Highway
US400 International VT275 Highway
US401 International VT365 Highway
US402 International DT360 Highway
US403 International DTA360 Highway
US404 International DT408 Highway
US405 International DT466 Highway
US406 International DT466E Highway
US407 International HT466 Highway
US408 International DT530 Highway
US409 International HT530 Highway
US410 International I530E Highway
US411 International DT466 EGR Highway
US412 International DT570 EGR Highway
US413 International HT570 Highway
US414 International Max Force 5 Highway
US415 International Max Force 7 Highway
US416 International Max Force D+ Highway
US417 International Max Force 9 Highway
US418 International Max Force 10 Highway
US419 International Max Force 11 Highway
US420 International Max Force 13 Highway


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